A Qualitative Investigation on Mindfulness in Football

A Qualitative Investigation on Mindfulness in Football

The next open-ended concerns is going to be administered on the contributors independently, whereby just about every session will previous close to a person hour. The rationale for applying open-ended issues will be to prevent a fully-structured approach that may generate a quantitative final result relatively than the qualitative outlook this review seeks. On the contrary, the open-ended method will afford to pay for the participants the chance to frame their particular responses basing on own encounters or whatever they understand about.


1. In general terms, do you believe an athlete’s internal dialogue and views impact their conduct around the field?

2. As individuals, footballers are vulnerable to psychological times from earlier encounters, both positive and adverse. Inwhat methods would you believe that these kinds of feelings during a match affect their general performance?

3. Should footballers be trained to shut out such feelings and give attention to the present minute and existing match? Briefly describe your remedy.

4. Some psychologists have explained mindfulness as the capacity to disregard intrusive thoughts and thoughts, keep on being non-judgmental and center on the current. Do you imagine this kind of ability allows footballers to cope with force and lower worry? Briefly clarify your remedy.

5. In the context of higher degrees of expectations with the coach, teammates and admirers, how does one feel mindfulness will impact on a footballer’s capability to execute, stop injury and recover from personal injury?